Doon World School

Grace Academy is a Christian Minority co-educational ,senior secondary english medium school. Its “spiritual policy is as follows:

“Grace Academy will seek to maintain a strong spiritual character. It is the society’s intention that at Grace Academy, all children will be exposed to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as given in the Holy Bible. This will be done through times of divine services, through instruction and through personal examples of staff and teachers. Accordingly, classes will begin with prayer and scripture reading, and attendance in spiritual activities will be required of all children and staff. By placing your child in Grace Academy you are signifying your agreement to the above.”

We believe that parents are entrusted by God with their children’s education. Schooling is only a part of that education. The parents make their choices as to where their children will be schooled and the school assumes some of the burden and the joy on their behalf. But by placing their children in the school the parents do not give up their responsibilities to participate in the education of their children during the school years. Thus , full cooperation is expected by the Grace Academy administration from the parents.