Doon World School

The curriculum of Grace Academy includes learning of all the prescribed facts, but then it goes far beyond. 

The syllabus includes much more than mere facts found in the textbook. 

Facts in themselves are meaningless: there is little point in learning the facts unless they are understood within a context and the whole world around us as God provides this context. The Bible, as the foundational text, provides the perspective in interpreting reality. 

There are spiritual realities, which also form part of the wider context and thus need to be included in the syllabus. 

Education must empower students with knowledge and necessary skills to apply them to everyday life. 

Relationships and behavior are also part of children's overall growth. 

Any syllabus is partial without an attitude of self-enquiry and further investigation demonstrated by the teacher and transmitted to the student which is there in our institution. 

To enable students to take value-based decisions and positions.