Grace Students Residence began with a key aim of providing good quality education through English medium to the children of National Christian workers who are working in the remote areas of North India, North East India, and Nepal.
Grace Student' Residence is the residential/boarding arm of Grace Academy, Dehradun. It is meant to be "A home away from home" that will be characterized by love and joy; a place where children mature and grow. The prime emphasis in the children's residence is given to spiritual life. Children are encouraged to do personal devotions every morning and corporate worship in the evening. Dorm parents and residential teachers are involved in conducting these devotions.

Spiritual Matters: Grace Academy is a Christian Minority school, as stated in the prospectus. Its policy is as follows:

1. Grace Academy will seek to maintain a strong spiritual character. It is the society's intention that at Grace Academy, all children will be exposed to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as given in the Holy Bible. This will be done through times of divine services, through instruction and through personal examples of staff and teachers. Classes will begin with prayer and scripture reading and attendance in spiritual activities will be required of all children and staff. By placing your child in Grace Academy you are signifying your agreement with the above.

2. We view the hostel as an extension of the home and as such it will be seen in particular as a Christian home, where Jesus Christ is honoured in all things. Children will be encouraged to have regular times of personal devotions, Bible reading and prayer. There will be daily times of family prayers in the hostel. Boarders will attend Sunday school and worship services at Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church weekly, along with their dorm parents. While faith cannot be forced upon anyone, we will pray that your child will learn to trust in Jesus for personal salvation.

3. The hostel is like a family where people grow and mature as they interact. Biblical values will be identified and applied. Openness will be encouraged. The house parents will counsel and help the children towards maturity. Corrective discipline is sometimes necessary but will be applied in love and for the purpose of the child's learning to conform to the life patterns of Jesus, rather than for revenge or retribution.

The Grace Academy Student as an All-Rounder: We believe in the need to over-all development of the child, not just the mental or academic part. God has made us as complete individuals who are also involved with others socially.
Consequently, in the family atmosphere at Grace Children's Residence, we will have a chance to add to the mostly academic lessons learned at Grace Academy. So we hope that the child will learn to interact with others with social grace, that he/she will develop good manners and obedience and show respect to elders and those in authority.
Maturing also means that your child will learn habits of responsibility, self-reliance and independence. As your child develops physically, he or she will need to push and stretch himself/herself to the maximum in order to prepare the body that God has given him/her to be all that it can be as the temple of the Holy Spirit. We at Grace Student' Residence will thus encourage the child's participation in the activities that build self-confidence. It is our desire to see every student who passes out of Grace Academy master several things: included in them are typing, computers and swimming. Other things, such as trekking, cycling, games and sports will be a part of Grace Student' Residence life and will be supervised. These things inspire a spirit of adventure. The confidence, that results, in pushing and developing oneself to the maximum. This all, of course, involves some physical risk, but as the child develops into an all-rounder the list of things that he or she can safely do, grows and the risk is thereby greatly reduced.

Residential Program of Grace Academy

Grace Hostel is primarily for the children of Asian Christian missionaries children. However, if and  when space permits, children of other Christian parents may be admitted to the hostel. The Governing Body of GES reserves the right to amend these guidelines or bypass them without assigning any reasons.

The admission request can be made by sending an email addressed to "The Principal", on the email id:

The application should clearly mention the following:

- Name of the child and class for which the admission is sought.

- Reason for exploring the residential facility for the child.

- Details of the family.

- Work details of both parents.

- Details of the present school the child is studying in clearly mentioning the affiliation and registration number of the school.

- Kindly mention the postal address along with the phone numbers and email ids.

On receiving the email, the school will get in touch with you.