Doon World School

Grace Academy is a school that is different from other schools. Its board and administration stress:

  • A high standard of academics in English medium
  • A disciplined and well mannered student body
  • A trained staff with a professional outlook
  • A balanced emphasis on academic, sporting and extra-curricular excellence
  • A view of learners as individually unique and valuable
  • The all-round development of the person
  • Top-notch facilities that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, but not extravagant.

These emphasis characterize some of the top schools of the country. So is Grace Academy still different from these schools? Is there something more? The answer is yes! That something more is a viewpoint, an attitude that is missing in most schools. At Grace Academy we look at everything differently: the student, the teacher, the curriculum or syllabus, the administration, and how all this "education" relates to the wider world beyond the school. The basis of this viewpoint or attitude is the Holy Bible. This sacred book shows us who we are and what our relationship with God is and should be, gives us objective standards for our behaviour, lends dignity to our treatment of one another, provides motivation for personal excellence, makes the syllabus exciting as it gives a reference point for all subjects, and then encourages us to apply this viewpoint to the rest of life. A campus where all these things are woven together into the fabric of a fine educational plan and the campus is characterized by learning, by peace, by joy, by lasting friendships. It is an academy of grace.