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We would like you to know the following procedure that will be followed for Admission to Grace Academy

  1. After we receive the pass Report Card of the Class presently the student (first term or Annual Exam as the case may be) is studying in along with the application form for request for admission, a prospectus is issued for that year. Issue of prospectus does not guarantee Admission.
  2. Prospectus is issued upon receiving a draft of Rs. 750/- in favour of “Grace Educational Society” payable at Dehradun.
  3. The child will be called to appear for an Admission Test if the Registration Form is approved and the required Registration fee is paid.
  4. After the child passes the Admission Test parents are intimated about the results.
  5. Following documents are called for along with the intimation of the results to the parents:
  6. Admission Form duly filled.
  7. Original Transfer Certificate with countersignature from DIOS/EO/Board Office.
  8. Copy of ST/SC/OBC Certificate (if any).
  9. Rs. 10 Blank Stamp Paper for agreement between the school and the parents.

However, in case of some required original documents if they are not submitted, a 15 days monotorium period may be given from the time of intimation of the admission and a provisional admission fees will be charged. If the required documents are submitted within this stipulated time given, parents are required to pay the full admission fees. However if the documents are not submitted to the school within the stipulated time the school reserves the right to cancel the admission and the provisional fee thus submitted will be refunded after deducting 10% of the fees as document charges. It may be noted that the Prospectus and the Registration fee are non-refundable.

Hostel Admission

  1. Grace Christian Hostel is only for Christian children.
  2. Admission to school does not by default mean admission to the Hostel.
  3. A separate request needs to be made for admission to the Hostel.
  4. Admission to the hostel is as per the policies set by the school board for the residential program.
  5. For admission to the Hostel request needs to be made to the Guidance Counselor of Grace Academy and the Guidance Counselor will correspond with you in this regard.
  6. The date and time of meeting the Guidance Counselor will be communicated to the parents and they are expected to meet the counselor along with the prospective student. 
  7. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to student to the hostel without assigning any reason.

For any further clarification regarding Hostel Admission, you may directly contact the Guidance Counselor at the School phone no. 0135-2740820 and 2745931 during office hours or on email at

Residential Program of Grace Academy

Grace Christian Hostel is primarily for Christian missionary children, whose parents are serving in remote areas of Northern India, where good English medium schools are not available. However, if seats are available, children of other Christian parents who serve in secular fields may be considered for residential programme without any scholarships provided they meet all the required criteria’s for admission. The residential program begins from Grade 4 onwards.

This programme is purely Need-Based. The school at the onset encourages parents as far as possible to educate children from home owing to the fact that there is no substitute for home and parents, especially if they are residing in main cities. However if parents are serving in remote areas where good English medium schools are lacking or due to certain unavoidable personal reasons which the school may agree for then the parents may explore the possibility of admitting their child to the hostel.

The Governing Body of Grace Educational Society reserves the right to amend the guidelines for the residential programme or to bypass them without assigning any reasons.

The admission request can be made by sending an email addressed to “The Principal”, on the email id:

Queries with regard to admissions will be entertained on the phone numbers given below, only after the school website announces opening of admissions for the session:

0135-2740820 - Ext-32(Counsellor’s Office)

0135-2745931 –Ext -32 (Counsellor’s Office)

The application for admission should clearly mention the following:

-Name of the child, Class & Session for which the admission is sought.

-Reason for exploring residential facility for the child.

- Family Detail- number of family members, church affiliation, are the children baptized/dedicated.

-Work details of both the parents.

-Details of the present school the child is studying and clearly mentioning the affiliation and registration number of the school.

-Scanned copy of previous class’s Report Card and present First Term marks.

-Name of Two References who are Christian People (Heads of Organisations/Main line Church

Pastor/or any reliable person) who know you and your ministry/work very well. Kindly give address with contact numbers.

-Kindly mention your personal postal address along with the phone numbers and email ids.

On receiving the email, the office will get in touch with you.